me, the clouds, or the ground

i remember all those times when I spent hours laid flat on my back staring into the fiery eyes of the sun.  I had no fear of going blind then. or of ‘wasting’ time… cloud time. it used to occupy us so completely.  everything else was just a distraction, a tick tock slow crawl until I could go and take my place in the corner of the gravel yard.

the other children stood and stared.  the real world rushing past but the clouds rushing faster, spinning in circles until the pictures appeared – a fragile and fleeting raindrop universe.  then spinning faster and faster until my senses crazed and i fell on the floor. unable to tell if it was me, the clouds, or the ground that spun so incessantly.

all the other children stood and stared at the crazy spinning blind girls, realising to their satisfaction that their parents were right all along.

If you spend too long staring at this mis-shapen, hap-hazard world of the imagination then you’ll eventually lose the ability to see anything else.  then there’ll be little else to do but cry out, alone and grasping, from yr unstable resting point where the actual world falls away, and yet dreams are still too far to reach


About Rachel

zinester/diy-til-i-die/love hate relationship with arts admin/girlpunkfeminist/geek
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