The Eye (Pang Brothers, 2002)

‘When i was little grandma told me I was not an ordinary child.  God had given me some obstacles so that I would grow up to be an extra-ordinary person.  Now I understand what it means to be an extraordinary person. An extraordinary person can see things others can’t and feel pain others can’t feel’

The Eye has a bad rep in our house, its been holding up our Love Film turnaround for months, basically because my concentration span isn’t always up to foreign language films. you’ve got to be in the right mood, right?

Anyway I finally watched it, and now I feel bad it took me so long because I found The Eye super watchable and genuinely chilling.

The plot centres around Mun who has an operation to restore her sight, which also brings her visions of the dead, both as they die and pass and those who are trapped on earth by their unresolved trauma.

The film is excellent in its use of suspense, slow build and use of music/ambient sound.  Grotesque figures appear from the corners of our vision as the film plays on the natural distortion and confusion Man feels after her operation, her feelings of isolation and insanity.  I would say the special effects aren’t always spot on, but that’s not always the point for me.

Like most horror, the film plays on our (often unconscious) fascination with our own mortality and the frequent brutality of death which we refuse to confront.

‘This world really is beautiful’


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  1. anyone seen the American remake?

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