thinking about my mother

i’ve been really inspired lately by Adrienne Rich’s idea of matrophobic feminism and refiguring my own past in response to this.

Feminism is driven by rebellion, rebellion against the past, not just the law of the father and the patriarchal system, but also the mother who is/seems complicit in the systems which oppress the daughter.

Matrophobia is a fear not just of the mother, but of becoming one’s mother.  i’ve written elsewhere that i could not become my mother, and i guess that fear is still strong, despite the respect and love i often feel for her. 

riot grrrl is a community of womyn becoming children, of girls whose distrust of adult systems makes them regress in order to deviate.

it’s youthful, a teenage riot, but it doesn’t seem to leave much room for the maternal in the feminist (riot moms?).  At worst it isolates generations. The mother daughter split is divisonary because as Rich states, we are not either mothers or daughters, to our amazement and greater complexity we are both.

i’ve recently begun to try and get to know my own mother better, to relate her struggle to my own.  To understand as I grow older myself that unless there can be a sharing and cross fertilisation of ideas, many of the same mistakes will be made over and over again.

We have a lot to share.  we have many of the same problems and fascinations. our differences, where they exist, need not be our undoing. they have the potential to be our greatest strength. 


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