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Revolutionary Road, Richard Yates- a response

Despite being an English graduate I feel profoundly uncomfortable writing a book review.  Maybe sometimes the more you study the less you know, however I’m plodding on, with the hope you get something from these…  Deceptive in its simplicity Revolutionary Road charts suburban … Continue reading

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girls like me, we live for this

I watch yr lips form the words ‘I don’t love you. like. that’. I sit, apparently unmoved. My silence belies an internal argument.  I would quite like to walk into the bathroom and vomit.  Or at least grab yr hand, turning yr fingers over and … Continue reading

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Depression: a guide for onlookers

A while ago a friend asked me for suggestions for a health workshop she was planning on the subject of being a mental health allie. At first I thought I had little useful to add, but it has become increasingly … Continue reading

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‘we want and need to be educated and we’re not going to ignore our backgrounds to do it’

All my life I’ve been told that ‘class is a redundant term in British society’ -that there is no such thing. I come from a working class background, and in the arts, activist and feminist communities I ‘belong’ to this frequently marks … Continue reading

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John Porcellino

John Porcellino is my favourite comic book artist, he draws like poetry, with a sweet, endearing love of nature and simple things. He understands my sadness like its deep in his soul.  His drawings are quite simplistic, but effective – … Continue reading

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