An open letter to The New Statesman (RE

To the New Statesman –

I just want to say…

Regarding this

We’re watching you. And some of us are not impressed.

Maybe it seems totally normal to you to hound your critics ; casting aspersions on their sexuality, getting together with your chums to publicly refer to someone as a ‘dozy piece of shit’ and then congratulate each other on your ‘wit’; ‘tweet of the year’? Oh the japes!

Maybe this is normal conduct in cock swinging leftie journo land.  But looking at this from the outside: you are not coming across well.  Not in the slightest. You are coming across as unintelligent bullies who can’t handle criticism and you might want to have a think about this.

Ironically this started in response to a feminist article.  It is interesting that when a women chooses to criticise the dominant feminist narrative; those ‘feminists’ go after her with an hostility which is down right ugly.  So feminists only support women who think as they do now? Whose feminism is this? Not mine that’s for sure.
QRG’s comment: that a simplistic dichotomy between ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ media is loaded and problematic seems obvious to me. And what’s more it is utterly substantiated by the resulting  comments from those bastions of the ‘clean’ left media about how she deserved a spanking; or that she deserved (or liked) this abuse because she was a sexual submissive.  You are making yourself look like utter idiots.

This whole episode is beyond satire.

So many people have said to me ‘why are you surprised?…this is what the left are like, this is what journalists are like.  There is a long history of this.’  Maybe I’m not surprised but I am outraged.  This is not good enough. We can and must do better than this.


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2 Responses to An open letter to The New Statesman (RE

  1. Hello Rach.

    I am going to say a massive MASSIVE thank you to you for sticking your neck out on this, when you had absolutely no direct involvement in the sorry affair. You have added a very clear, measured ‘outsider’s’ perspective which is much appreciated. Those of us directly involved could not stand back and survey the situation as well as you have.

    But this isn’t about me as you have pointed out. The incident shed some light on the ‘left’ media and how gender issues, particularly round sexuality are often presented by it. A subject close to all of our hearts.

    Talking of hearts I am very heartened that this is something that someone has deemed important enough to comment on. I feel a renewed sense of ‘sisterhood’ and ‘brotherhood’ from the responses by people to the behaviour of the New Statesman and its journalists.

    For all that papers like the Guardian and the NS go on and on about portrayals of sex/sexuality/women in the media, when push comes to shove, they don’t actually think it is a very important subject! It is almost as if, like the tabloid papers they hate so much, they just use sex to sell copies!

    Welcome to the clean world.

  2. Henry says:

    Yes I think one of the issues brought to light by this episode was the standards of behaviour of journalists.

    There’s nothing new. As you say we probably shouldn’t be surprised – sad to say – but it needs to be pointed out and fought over every time a lapse like this happens.

    It’s rather in the tradition of the behaviour of political satirists from “Spitting Image” to “Have I got news for you” and probably a long way back: the message was “Politicians are fair game”. This was never questioned, and neither was their own behaviour, their abdication of responsibility.

    This is rather the point: whatever you think of someone, it’s a rather basic fact that you are responsible for what you say or do. I feel really stupid saying this, except for the people regularly swept up in the kind of witch hunt Twitter makes possible. Gotta love mob behaviour. Now it’s not just politicians who are fair game, it’s anyone who comments on politics.

    On this occasion the first tweet was from an angry journalist, who then apologised later. Others happily..nay, gleefully agreed with his outburst.

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