Bradford zine fayre 2011….

Bit of a cheat of a post this month to say I’ll be having a breather from the blog while I prepare the next 4th edition of Footsteps in the Dark hopefully in time for Bradford zine fayre – which will be fantabulous – and you should COME!

No content will be repeated online until I finally let the thing slide out of print (with the exception of this piece which I think is really important tho i might modify it slightly)

Been 9 years (!) I’ve been doing Footsteps now, I forgot how much more effort it is to get the printed edition together, but I also forgot how much I love sitting down with a pritt stick, and feeling the printed text in my fingers.

Bradford zine fayre…..

Saturday 2 July 2011, 12noon – 4pm at Impressions Gallery, Bradford

After party at the 1in12 Club, Bradford

If you’d like to apply for a stall, please drop an email on

More info –


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