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The *idea* of death may save us

It seems such a cliche to write about death.  At some point the coward parts of me wrote it off as ‘ too difficult’; lumped into the category of ‘things reserved for great writers’ along with ‘love’ or ‘sex’ or … Continue reading

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13 for 13, 2013 in lists

I know a lot of folks like to sneer at new year rituals: all the resolutions that never make it past February and the failed promises. But the way I see it periods of reflection are so important: we spend … Continue reading

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20 films I’m glad I’ve seen

So Em Ledger wrote this really cool blog post about 20 films she loved in response to our conversation about Spike Lee’s films list. She asked for other folks to write about the films they loved and why they loved … Continue reading

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Arts marketing and Bill Hicks

People who know my politics sometimes raise an eyebrow when I tell them what I do. ‘It’s ok’. I say ‘You can laugh if you want to. It is kinda funny’. Then: ‘how did that happen? How do you square … Continue reading

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Writing for our lives

‘This is a huge world. The world is so much bigger than yr problems. It’s so much bigger than the PTSD that you probably have from growing up in a culture that hates queer people, hates people of colour, hates … Continue reading

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Per-zine discussion event: Saturday 18th May

Originally posted on Bradford Baked Zines:
2 – 3.30pm ‘It’s common, but we don’t talk about it’; personal writing, zines and autobiography What makes a good per-zine? Why use a pen name? What happens when you share your darkest secrets…

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Make some more noise (part one).

So last week I had my first session as part of the ‘community lab’ with the company Unlimited Theatre, publishing/tech types Storythings and research types at the University of Dundee on Make Some More Noise. They are working on ‘a … Continue reading