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20 films I’m glad I’ve seen

So Em Ledger wrote this really cool blog post about 20 films she loved in response to our conversation about Spike Lee’s films list. She asked for other folks to write about the films they loved and why they loved … Continue reading

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Arts marketing and Bill Hicks

People who know my politics sometimes raise an eyebrow when I tell them what I do. ‘It’s ok’. I say ‘You can laugh if you want to. It is kinda funny’. Then: ‘how did that happen? How do you square … Continue reading

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I’m telling you stories. Trust me.

The title is from Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion I’ve been thinking a lot about Winterson, because I just read Why Be Happy When you Could be Normal, which is her autobiography, of sorts. It’s an amazing triumph of a book. … Continue reading

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‘There’s never been so much at stake’

Yesterday was possibly the weirdest day of my working life so far. Given the task of makingĀ£118 million in cuts, Arts Council England chose not to make standard 10/15% cuts across their regularly funded organisations, which they felt would have … Continue reading

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shouting out loud

Never idly talk about your daydreams on twitter. Or maybe, always talk idly about your daydreams on twitter….i dunno which, I’ll get back to you… It was ages ago Emma Ledger first mentioned it to me – the idea of … Continue reading

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does it offend you, yeah?

First up some brief housekeeping announcements: Footstepszine barely even represents her own views never mind those of any organisation…..i’ve struggled with the contradiction between wanting to discuss things I encounter through work and having a private medium to write and … Continue reading

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