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When I was growing up, I lied about where I was from

Here’s a secret about me I’m not exactly proud of: when I was growing up I lied about where I was from. I was born in Rotherham.  A town which everyone knew was a shithole. A joke. Rotherham wasn’t always … Continue reading

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Words I wrote for speaking

This blog feels a bit neglected lately.  I’ve been getting out and about doing other writing for other places which I hope to collect up here.  But I still love this place and it still warms my heart to get … Continue reading

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This one is for my younger sisters, who don’t know that they’re my sisters

Recently I’ve been walking around with this niggling rage brewing somewhere in the back of my skull.  In quiet moments the buzz gets louder and I can hear it starting to scream. And I’ve been trying to ignore it, because … Continue reading

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How to talk about ‘the poor’

…here’s a thought, if you’re talking about ‘the poor’ as one unified group, or tribe,  maybe you shouldn’t be talking at all. In the wake of the UK’s riots there’s been a lot of talk to counter the right wave … Continue reading

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