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Writing for our lives

‘This is a huge world. The world is so much bigger than yr problems. It’s so much bigger than the PTSD that you probably have from growing up in a culture that hates queer people, hates people of colour, hates … Continue reading

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This kind of post was easier when none of you knew who I was… I’ve been withdrawing from Sertraline for over a month now, something which I only told some of my closest friends:  because I didn’t really fancy the … Continue reading

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It’s not that I hate Christmas; really I don’t…. Lots of people love this time of year and I don’t resent them that, but I also think its worth remembering that this is a time of year when the vulnerable … Continue reading

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coming to terms with diagnosis

‘Hey look I’m really sorry, I couldn’t make it to yr party. I know it looks like I’m gonna cry, got this to do list behind my eyes. Go tell yr friends I’m still a feminist, but I won’t be … Continue reading

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Depression: a guide for onlookers

A while ago a friend asked me for suggestions for a health workshop she was planning on the subject of being a mental health allie. At first I thought I had little useful to add, but it has become increasingly … Continue reading

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