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Words I wrote for speaking

This blog feels a bit neglected lately.  I’ve been getting out and about doing other writing for other places which I hope to collect up here.  But I still love this place and it still warms my heart to get … Continue reading

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Conversations with our younger selves

One of the strange things about publishing yr own per-zine for going on 10 years (heh) is that sometimes it ends up as a dialogue between the person you were and the person you are now….sometimes i feel like i’m in a … Continue reading

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‘Yes it’s fucking political’

Twitter took some offence to this…. ‘The London riots are not about politics’ I agree: this was far, far from a protest march; there were no banners, there was no orderly shuffle through a designated route; this was not even a riot … Continue reading

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They had told us about the rain

It’s the talk of waifs and strays that’s done it: started off the clunking projector reel in my brain; a series of rapid moving stills from another story I don’t know what to do with, don’t know where to store. … Continue reading

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An open letter to The New Statesman (RE

To the New Statesman – I just want to say… Regarding this We’re watching you. And some of us are not impressed. Maybe it seems totally normal to you to hound your critics ; casting aspersions on their sexuality, getting … Continue reading

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shouting out loud

Never idly talk about your daydreams on twitter. Or maybe, always talk idly about your daydreams on twitter….i dunno which, I’ll get back to you… It was ages ago Emma Ledger first mentioned it to me – the idea of … Continue reading

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does it offend you, yeah?

First up some brief housekeeping announcements: Footstepszine barely even represents her own views never mind those of any organisation…..i’ve struggled with the contradiction between wanting to discuss things I encounter through work and having a private medium to write and … Continue reading

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