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Conversations with our younger selves

One of the strange things about publishing yr own per-zine for going on 10 years (heh) is that sometimes it ends up as a dialogue between the person you were and the person you are now….sometimes i feel like i’m in a … Continue reading

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girls like me, we live for this

I watch yr lips form the words ‘I don’t love you. like. that’. I sit, apparently unmoved. My silence belies an internal argument.  I would quite like to walk into the bathroom and vomit.  Or at least grab yr hand, turning yr fingers over and … Continue reading

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John Porcellino

John Porcellino is my favourite comic book artist, he draws like poetry, with a sweet, endearing love of nature and simple things. He understands my sadness like its deep in his soul.  His drawings are quite simplistic, but effective – … Continue reading

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Reactions to Mimi Nguyen – ‘Over my head: feminist interruptions into privilege’

Mimi Nguyen is (or probably ‘was’ now) a columnist in Punk Planet who is quickly becoming one of my favourite critical writers…she’s done the thing I always aim for, managing to blend a rigorous academic approach with the passion and belief … Continue reading

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thinking about my mother

i’ve been really inspired lately by Adrienne Rich’s idea of matrophobic feminism and refiguring my own past in response to this. Feminism is driven by rebellion, rebellion against the past, not just the law of the father and the patriarchal system, but … Continue reading

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on wednesday evening as the sun fades we go to play on the beach.  Yr hands are full of starlight and when you smile that way, that way when yr face brims over with power and love, i cannot breathe. I swear … Continue reading

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me, the clouds, or the ground

i remember all those times when I spent hours laid flat on my back staring into the fiery eyes of the sun.  I had no fear of going blind then. or of ‘wasting’ time… cloud time. it used to occupy us so completely.  … Continue reading

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