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Writing for our lives

‘This is a huge world. The world is so much bigger than yr problems. It’s so much bigger than the PTSD that you probably have from growing up in a culture that hates queer people, hates people of colour, hates … Continue reading

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I’m telling you stories. Trust me.

The title is from Jeanette Winterson’s The Passion I’ve been thinking a lot about Winterson, because I just read Why Be Happy When you Could be Normal, which is her autobiography, of sorts. It’s an amazing triumph of a book. … Continue reading

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Alliances, arrests and changing perceptions – Interview with Chris Howson for HowDo (unedited)

This is the interview I did with Chris for the ace HowDo magazine for May.  I’m blogging it here in its original longer form, because I have a tendency not to stick to my word counts and then have to … Continue reading

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This one is for my younger sisters, who don’t know that they’re my sisters

Recently I’ve been walking around with this niggling rage brewing somewhere in the back of my skull.  In quiet moments the buzz gets louder and I can hear it starting to scream. And I’ve been trying to ignore it, because … Continue reading

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How to talk about ‘the poor’

…here’s a thought, if you’re talking about ‘the poor’ as one unified group, or tribe,  maybe you shouldn’t be talking at all. In the wake of the UK’s riots there’s been a lot of talk to counter the right wave … Continue reading

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‘Yes it’s fucking political’

Twitter took some offence to this…. ‘The London riots are not about politics’ I agree: this was far, far from a protest march; there were no banners, there was no orderly shuffle through a designated route; this was not even a riot … Continue reading

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